Master in the Science of making Burgers

100% Organic British Meat

Tayyib as well as Halal

The Method – Car Dining Service

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The Method

Bet your thinking? Car Dining Service…? what does that even mean??  …Think of this..  You get a notification that your food is on the grill at that very moment it goes on, you make your way to your spot at your allotted time.  Within a few moments of your arrival, your freshly cooked meals will be delivered to your car.  No waiting around, the burgers are at their very best, perfectly hot and tempting…  We’re promising you the Highest Quality Burger within a few moments of your arrival, your meals tailored to how you want, using the options in the Lab.  Now that’s a service, No?  


What do we ask for in return?  We kindly ask that you book your slot, order and pay in advance, and we promise that you will be faced with what (we feel) is, the best burger this side of Lancashire, presented to you in our unique way. We’re confident you’ll appreciate our concept of service,  all we ask of our future faithful customers is that you do your best to be on time and we promise to give you the best. 


Our Story..

We’re two local guys, who like to think we have a good handle of Maths and our Numbers…We became frustrated with  having to regularly travel far and wide in search of a quality Halal Burger.  We knew the foodies of our hometown Blackburn needed this. We set about on our journey to create the formula for the Highest Quality Burger, for the Best Possible Price..Simple (but in reality..a bit of a mission!) The process of Burgernomics began!…It’s taken a lot of testing and learning, but through trial (and error..) we feel we have hit the mark of a burger that is of the Highest Quality.  We hope you like our formula, to us it makes all the Burgernomics sense, we hope it does for you too.




We want to ensure that our customers are served their food in its best condition and form. We are keen to have our collection method fully up and running. The delivery method is being worked on and will be available soon enough.

Burgernomics assured!